copyrightCopyright shall mean an exclusive right for an Author or the recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his Work or to grant permission for said purposes, without decreasing the limits according to the prevailing laws and regulations.

An Author and/or a Copyright Holder of a cinematographic work and computer program shall have the right to give permission or to prevent any other person whom without his/her approval rents out the work concerned for commercial purposes.

A work that is protected shall be the work in the field of science, arts and literature which includes:

  1. books, computer programs, pamphlets, typographical arrangement of published works, and all other written works;
  2. sermons, lecturers, addresses and other works of utterance;
  3. visual aid made for educational and scientific purposes;
  4. songs or music with or without lyrics;
  5. dramas, musical dramas, dances, choreographic works, puppet shows, pantomimes;
  6. all forms of art, such as paintings, drawings, engravings, calligraphy, carvings, sculptures, collage, and applied arts;
  7. architecture;
  8. maps;
  9. batik art;
  10. photography;
  11. cinematographic works;
  12. translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies, data-base and other works as a result of changing of form of mode.