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In business, conflicts of interest often turn into legal issues. LESSE INDONESIA PATENT, located in West Jakarta and have an address on Jln. Daan Mogot No.2, West Jakarta-Indonesia, is here to provide legal services, which prioritize legal ethics and norms to justice seekers.

Intellectual Property rights, also well known as IPR are valuable intangible assets, not only for individuals but also for corporation including government institution. In general, IPR is divided into copyrights and industrial property rights, which covers patent, mark, industrial design, trade secret and layout design of integrated circuit and need to get legal protection to avoid a bad faith of other parties or otherwise it will hamper business activities when legally not protected.

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT assist components of society of legal services users to solve any problem related to legal aspects as described above, as a legal consultant provide solutions by integrated and comprehensive legal services system, where our law office provides legal services, not only related to IPR, but also related to civil and criminal disputes as well as legal advisory service and license related services. We assist the settlement of various disputes through the court (litigation) and out of court (non-litigation) or known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through the dispute settlement system to get a win-win solution

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT aspires to be a professional law office, which upholds honesty and truth, supported by excellence in knowledge and experience and promoting professional ethics.

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT comes with the support of professionals, with an effective and professional management system and has missions to provide comprehensive and transparent resolvement of legal conflicts, in which the client has full rights to information and knowledge for every stage of ongoing case handling. LESSE INDONESIA PATENT also conducts legal analysis and providing advice to clients to get the right solution, in order to reduce legal risks in business management.

Therefore, it is a wise decision to entrust resolutions of your legal matter to us.

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT has been proving professional experience and has the credibility and high loyalty to the interests of clients, so any service entrusted to LESSE INDONESIA PATENT will always be treated at maximum efforts to gain the most appropriate legal solution with client satisfaction oriented result, without overriding to the truth and honesty and uphold professional ethics.

Currently LESSE INDONESIA PATENT has regular Client covering different types of businesses with a wide range of products, both domestic and overseas client, such as China, Korea, the Philippines, etc.

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT is a registered IPR consultants and provide IPR registration service for companies, industry (large, medium and small), and private agencies both domestic and overseas.

LESSE INDONESIA PATENT offer services at a reasonable cost, timely, ensure client confidentiality and accountable.